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Patio Screens, Orlando, FLLiving in Orlando, Florida, you’re no stranger to bugs and sun. However, this doesn’t mean that you want to deal with them when you’re trying to relax out on your patio. Luckily, at New Horizons, we’re here to help. We provide quality patio screens and are an Invisi Screen distributor.

The patio screens that we have to offer are designed to provide effective insect and sun-control in spaces that have an opening of almost any size.  Regardless of how large or small your patio is, we’re confident that we have a solution that will enhance your outdoor living space.

Each of the Invisi Screen patio screens that we carry can come with a roll-up screen system that you operate with a remote control. To roll up your screen or bring it down, all you have to do is click the remote. Within a matter of seconds, you can transform your patio from an open air environment into a screened-in enclosure.

Patio Screens are for More than Mosquitos

Did you know that there are dozens of common insects in the Orlando, Florida area? While many of them are crawlers rather than flying insects, patio screens can be helpful in keeping them all from becoming uninvited guests to your lanai or patio. At New Horizons, we understand that mosquitos are the biggest concern in this area because of the diseases they carry and the discomfort of their bites, but there are other pests we are happy to say that our patio screens can also protect you from.

  • Palmetto Bugs- These large members of the cockroach family are enough to give anyone a creepy feeling, especially when they glide down from trees or structures and go on the attack. They prefer the outdoors, unlike other cockroaches, so they can drop in when you least expect it.
  • No-See-Ums- Although most people think of these as the nuisance tiny flying insect that loves to fly up your nose and flutter around in front of your eyes, they do actually bite and can leave a red welt.
  • Flies- There are many fly species common in Florida, including the yellow fly and stable flog, also known as dog fly, that are both biting flies.
  • Ticks- Though not as common in urban areas as the other insects, ticks carry disease and should be avoided with the same perseverance as disease-carrying mosquitos.
  • Spiders – The three most despised spiders in Florida are the wolf spider, brown recluse, and Southern black widow. The first is huge and luckily shies away from people, but the other two have a powerful venom.
  • Love Bugs- Love bugs are more of an irritation when they get stuck on the front of your car, but a swarm on your patio isn’t much fun either.

At New Horizons, one of the main reasons why we provide quality patio screens is because we want you to enjoy living the Florida lifestyle. This means that you’re able to spend time with your friends or family members out in your backyard without compromising fresh air and ventilation.

If you’d like to know more about enhancing your outdoor living space with one of our patio screens, get in touch with us at New Horizons today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform your backyard.

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