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New Horizons – Go Retractable is your trusted partner for enhancing custom home designs with our premium motorized retractable screens. We have been collaborating with custom home builders for over 20 years to create elegant and functional living spaces that seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor living.

Why Choose New Horizons:

At New Horizons, we understand that custom home builders demand excellence, innovation, and attention to detail. Here’s why builders choose us as their preferred motorized retractable screen supplier:

Unique, Innovative Recessed Retractable Screens:

  • Elevate your custom home designs with our recessed retractable screens, the pinnacle of elegance and functionality.
  • These screens are discreetly integrated into the home’s frame, providing unobstructed views and optimal insect protection.

    Seamless Installation:

    • Our expert installation team ensures a seamless process, working closely with builders and all relevant subcontractors during the construction or remodeling phase.
    • Recessed screens can only be installed during the home’s construction or remodel, making it a crucial part of the initial design.

      Customization Options:

      • We offer a range of customization options to match the unique aesthetics of each custom home.
      • Choose from a variety of frame colors, mesh materials, and control mechanisms to tailor the screens to your client’s preferences.
      Why Builders Love Working with Us:
      Our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our builder partners have made us a sought-after choice. Here’s why builders love working with New Horizons:

      Word-of-Mouth Reputation:
      Many of our builder partners discover us through word of mouth, a testament to our exceptional products and services.

      Proven Industry Expertise:

      • With over two decades of experience in the industry, we understand the specific needs and expectations of custom home builders.
      • Our expertise ensures that the integration of retractable screens enhances the overall design and functionality of the home.

      Trusted by Custom Home Builders:

      • We have successfully collaborated with numerous custom home builders, helping them deliver unique, elegant, and functional living spaces.
      • Our Gallery showcases just a small portion of our work with builders over the years and our track record of excellence.

      Tell us About Your Project!

      If you’re a custom home builder looking to enhance your projects with motorized retractable screens, we would love to work with you. Partner with New Horizons to provide your clients with the ultimate indoor-outdoor living experience.

      Ready to take your custom home designs to the next level? Contact us today to explore how New Horizons can be your valued partner in creating exceptional living spaces.

      Recessed Retractable Screen – Our Proven Process

      Step 1 – Planning

      To establish the budget and to let New Horizons get a look at the project scope, a PDF copy of the floor plan and elevation are needed. That way we can price the job for you and study the plans to see if there’s anything that we’d recommend adding or changing. During this beginning phase of the process, we can discuss finishes like frame color, mesh types and control options. You, your client and your designer are also welcome to come to our Winter Park showroom to see a functioning example of a recessed motorized screen as well as look at all the options available.

      Step 2 – Let’s Get Started!

      Once you’ve chosen New Horizons as your motorized screen partner, we will make a site visit to the project site or set up a meeting at our showroom/design center. There we will meet with the prime contractor’s rep and any relevant subcontractors like electricians, framers and carpenters. By teaming up at the beginning of the project, we can ensure a smooth installation process from start to finish.

      Meet The Team

      Step 3 – Rough In

      Prior to framing, we install our u-channel and mounting brackets. Our u-channel is a place saver that will eventually house our recessed tracks. By pre-installing our u-channel and brackets, this gives the framing crew the physical footprint of our system so that they can create the recessed cavity to house the motorized screens. They can also frame in the u-channel to complete the recessed look.

      Recessed U Channel
      Recessed u channel

      Step 4 – Final Measure

      When the new build is 30-60 days from completion, we will come back out to get our final field measurements to order the motorized screen units. The flooring needs to be in, and the columns need to be finished. That means stucco/paint, stone, etc. needs to be complete. This also gives us a chance to inspect the construction of the recessed cavities and suggest any changes or tweaks that need to be made.

      CBH Recessed Screen
      Ceiling outlet location

      Step 5 – Final Installation

      When the home is very near completion, our team comes out to install your recessed motorized retractable screens. We program the wireless remote control to operate your new screens and ensure that they’re running smoothly and in optimal condition. We will also provide you with a digital Customer Care Package that provides the homeowner with instructions on how to operate their retractable screens and some maintenance and tips for keeping them running smoothly for many years to come!

      Surface Mounted Screens

      What happens if you or your homeowner decides to add motorized screens, but the construction is nearly complete? That’s okay, we can easily help you integrate surface mounted motorized screens to the home.

      Its never too late to add retractable screens. Surface mounted screens are a great option at any stage of the process.

      There are several unobtrusive installation methods that we offer to seamlessly integrate motorized screens onto your client’s home. Our Winter Park showroom offers ideas and inspiration to show you how surface mounted motorized screens can be a great option for your homeowners!

      New Horizons – Go Retractable has been working with custom home builders for over 20 years installing the absolute BEST recessed retractable screens available. By adding recessed retractable screens into the design of a custom home, it’s one of the things that sets the home apart and adds a WOW factor second to none. Contact New Horizons – Go Retractable to learn how you can add recessed retractable screens into your next custom home or remodel!

      Mesh Options

      Recessed Retractable Screen Gallery – Get Inspired!

      Greater Orlando Builders Association
      BBB - A+ Rating
      Master Custom Builder Council
      Greater Orlando Builders Association
      BBB - A+ Rating
      Master Custom Builder Council

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