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New Horizons specializes in innovative best-in-class retractable products that enhance your Florida lifestyle. We are experts in custom outdoor retractable solutions, and have been since 2003! We are proud to say all of the photos you see on this site are our customers, so if you see a project you like, you know we can get the job done!

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“Perfect, thank you! Highly recommend your service!”

Bruce P – Winter Park

“The easiest and most professional home installation process I have ever been through. Every worker was diligently working and had the project completed before the afternoon.”

Taylor R. – Windermere

“Very helpful, they answered all my questions.”

Sam W. – Orlando

“They are absolutely fabulous. The service was impeccable. I highly recommend this company.”

Leealem – Orlando

“Incredibly friendly, hard-working and professional company.”

Jim H. – Lake Nona

“You are absolutely right, it looks great! I had to force myself to go inside last night. Great job!”

Joe C – Deland

“Your team were very professional and did a good job!”

Chris E – Orlando

“Screens look great and the guys that were here were awesome and quick!”

Jorge H. – Saint Cloud

“Thank you! You are all really lovely and easy to work with and we really appreciate that!!!”

Amy B – Orlando

“Thank you for the service and the screen looks very good and definitely blocks out the wind. A thank you to the guys as well who installed everything very fast and tidy.”
Melissa – Windermere

“Thank you so much!  Your company and employees were a pleasure to work with.”

Heather H. – Windermere

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Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Stores and more!

Designers, Architects, and Builders

At New Horizons…we offer a variety of retractable products to help our clients enjoy the Florida lifestyle. We also have many different types of customer. We work with homeowners, builders, designers and architects. We also work with businesses such as restaurants, car dealerships, resorts, hospitals, and offices.

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About New Horizons – Go Retractable!

At New Horizons, we love the Florida lifestyle.

Since we opened our doors in 2003, we structured our business to provide premium products that enhance the lifestyle of our customers. We are the premier provider of retractable screens and retractable awnings.

We are centrally located and within easy reach of Metro Orlando and the Central Florida area.
Our office is conveniently located in Winter Park, FL, very close to Trinity Prep just off of Aloma. Almost all of Central Florida is no more than 30 minutes away. We have our products set up in our showroom and we would love to have you come by. Just be sure to call first!

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