Security Shutters for Patio, Orlando, FL

Keep your home and family safe with our best-in-class security shutters.

Most patios in the Orlando, Florida area have at least a portion that is covered either by a separate roof or part of the structure’s original roof system. This is an ideal situation because you can get out of the sun and rain while still enjoying being outdoors. However, one of the drawbacks is this area can act as a concentrated funnel for winds to whip into your home in the event of severe weather. It can often be the weakest part, resulting in serious damage to your home. It can also be an area most susceptible to criminal entry, as it is more protected from view.

Security Shutters for Patio in Orlando, Florida

The solution to keeping your home and family safe is having security shutters for patio spaces such as this. If you want products and services that you can trust to provide the security you deserve, your best bet is to call us at New Horizons. Our company was founded in January 2003 by Chuck LaPeters with the vision of bringing innovative solutions to those living the Florida lifestyle, and we can assure you that we take your family’s safety very seriously.

We utilize only the best products offered by best-in-class, premium manufacturers, and we make sure our team is well-trained to provide the best installation possible. Together, these two factors deliver powerful performance you can rely on during storms, extended stays away from home, and any other situation that calls for having security shutters for patio spaces in place.

If you have any questions about our products or services and would like to schedule a free consultation and quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love enhancing the lifestyle of our Florida customers and look forward to doing that for you and your family.