Retractable Screens, Shades, Awnings and Shutters

Commercial Retractable Vinyl Panels

Creating a cozy and comfortable ambiance for customers is essential to any restaurant. If you have an alfresco dining area at your restaurant, retractable vinyl panels will be perfect for keeping the space enclosed without obstructing any gorgeous views. Your customers will still be able to bask in the open air vibe and enjoy the full view. Stylish and modern, these retractable panels are easy to use and motorized for your convenience.

Benefits of Retractable Vinyl Screens

Our retractable vinyl panels will protect your restaurant’s outdoor area from weather elements. Rest assured that our vinyl material is designed to withstand the rain in order to keep your customers comfortable.

Want to maintain a comfortable temperature within your restaurant’s outdoor area? Keeping the vinyl panels down can help keep the cool air from your air conditioner in. Alternatively, it is just as effective in retaining the warmth from your heater. Use it to your advantage through the seasons, whether it’s summer or winter.

On vibrant clear days, simply retract it to let your customers enjoy clear skies and fresh air. It’s easy to use our retractable vinyl panels according to your preferences on different days and in various situations – that is why restaurants love how versatile it is.

Installing retractable vinyl panels can help you create a profitable alfresco dining area. No longer turn customers away from your restaurant’s outdoor area in less than ideal weather. Your ability to fill the tables won’t be affected by the rain or the heat. Keep your alfresco diners happy all year round.

We know that retractable vinyl panels for your restaurant is an investment. We go the extra mile to supply a product that we are proud of and know is well crafted to be durable, versatile, easy to use – all at a reasonable price point.

Make the most of your restaurant’s outdoor area without sacrificing the comfort of your customers or exposing them to inclement weather. Every restaurant is unique so we customize our vinyl panels to give your premises the best fit for its layout. Call us today to find out more about using retractable vinyl panels for your restaurant!