Retractable Screens, Shades, Awnings and Shutters

Expand Your Outdoor Space with Retractable Screens & Awnings

Summer means a few things here in Florida: outdoor parties, mosquitoes and of course, heat. Luckily, New Horizons’ motorized screens offer comfort and protection for all of these.

Patios, lanais, balconies, gazebos, outside eating areas, docks, doors, windows and virtually any opening up to 30 feet wide and 24 feet high can be enhanced for ultimate comfort in the coming summer months, with the help of New Horizons.

With just a simple and convenient remote control, your outdoor area becomes an enclosed area, perfect for eating and parties! “This way, you can enjoy your Florida lifestyle in insect-free surroundings without compromising fresh air and ventilation,” says Chuck LaPeters of New Horizons.

Summer is the ideal time to take advantage of your outdoor environment, but summer weather and conditions can make it unrealistic. Retractable awnings and motorized screens give clients their outdoor spaces back during the summer.

“We are experts when it comes to custom retractable outdoor products. We have been doing this for 15 years and are a professional, A+ rated company that cares about the quality of our work. Customer satisfaction from the moment of first contact, throughout the entire relationship is our #1 priority,” says LaPeters. It is clear that New Horizons cares about what they do and truly wants to ensure the comfort of their clients during and after installation.

For more information and to see a gallery of their work, visit or call (407) 562-7800, and come take a look at their showroom at 4970 N. Pine Avenue in Winter Park.

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