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Lanai Screens, Orlando, FL

Want to enjoy your Orlando home all year long? Lanai screens can help make that a reality.

Lanai Screens in Orlando, FloridaEnjoying time on your Orlando, Florida lanai is something that doesn’t always happen when you’d like to. The rainy season brings on mosquitos and other pests, which can often drive you indoors or at the very least to slather on repellent or burn those ineffective and stinky candles. That is no way to enjoy the Florida lifestyle! One call to us at New Horizons, however, and you could be enjoying your lanai throughout the year. Our lanai screens offer fantastic insect control and can also be a sun-control solution for those scorching summer days.

With motorized lanai screens, it is easy to transition from full protection to an open air environment, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds, depending on the time of year and what activities you have planned. Furthermore, the lanai screens can be retracted and safely out of the way from potential storm damage, or you can opt to leave them in place to afford an extra level of protection for your home’s windows. You are in the driver’s seat as to when your lanai screens are in place and when they are not.

Why Lanai Screens Beat Other Mosquito Control Methods

One of the things that most people who don’t live in the Orlando, Florida area do not realize is that dealing with mosquitos is a year-round concern. While we do have more of these infuriating insects during the rainy season, there really isn’t a season when they are not around. At New Horizons, we understand not being able to enjoy your lanai like you would prefer to because of these pesky insects, and we highly recommend our lanai screens as the most effective way to deal with them. Here are a few other ways you could go and why they aren’t nearly as helpful as lanai screens.

  • Citronella Candles- Few people can say that they actually enjoy the smell that these candles put off. It’s no wonder that mosquitos don’t like them – people don’t either! Lanai screens are an investment in the value of your home, whereas repurchasing citronella candles every year is just an expense you never recoup.
  • Insect Repellant Sprays and Lotions- This is yet another one of those expenses that could be ongoing, but there are also some concerns about the potential long-term health benefits of putting chemicals on your body. Some people are quite sensitive to these products, as well. Add to that the fact they don’t often smell very good, and you have another reason why lanai screens make more sense.
  • Mosquito-Deterrent Plants- While it is true that there are plants that mosquitos do not care for, the plants are only effective for a few inches past the plant. You would need far more of these plants than you might want to have in your landscaping.

At New Horizons, we are an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with a reputation for quality products and excellence in workmanship dating back to 2003. Our installers are all factory trained, insured, and background tested, so you can feel confident allowing us on your property to install your lanai screens. We’ll also take the time to go over the system to show you how to operate it. Call today for a free estimate for lanai screens for your home.