Motorized Bug Screen, Orlando, FL

Enjoy your Orlando outdoor living space better than ever with a motorized bug screen.

Motorized Bug Screen in Orlando, FloridaIt is wonderful that Orlando, Florida has so many glorious days of sunshine and beautiful temperatures, but the sunshine isn’t the only thing we have plenty of – we also have more than our fair share of bugs! Crawling ones, flying ones, stinging ones, and biting ones . . . Even with the area’s efforts at pest control, it is still downright annoying to fight the bugs to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t keep being chased indoors when we can help you fight back with a motorized bug screen.

Not only are motorized bug screens the best way to keep your patio or lanai to yourself, minus the bugs, but they can also cut back on the glaring sun and keep debris from floating in. The motorized feature gives you more flexibility than a traditional screened-in patio, so you can open the screens up when you want an unrestricted view or better movement and traffic flow. You can also roll them up during a severe storm to avoid having them damaged by high winds that could blow debris into them.

If you have questions about the convenience and ease of use of motorized bug screen or would like a free estimate for adding these to your home, give us a call at New Horizons. We’ll be glad to show you just how easy it is to gain more flexibility and be able to enjoy your outdoor living space more than ever with a motorized bug screen. All our installers are factory-trained and insured, so you can be sure of a job done right the first time.