Changing the Look of Your Lanai with a Motorized Retractable AwningIt is a wonderful thing to have a lanai that is both useful and beautiful. In order for a lanai to be the most useful, it needs to be comfortable all seasons of the year. That can be challenging during the hot summer months. Between the dangers of ultra-violet rays, the uncomfortable heat, and the daily rain showers, it can be challenging to get the most use of your lanai. While using a shade umbrella can help, that is not a very attractive answer. Putting in permanent awnings can accomplish shade, but they are not very good for those times when you might want to enjoy some sun. The answer is to come up with a solution that allows flexibility and also adds beauty to the lanai. A motorized retractable awning is just that answer.

Changing the Look of Your Lanai with a Motorized Retractable Awning

With a motorized retractable awning, the choice is up to you when to have it in place and when not to. Whether you want to get some sun or not is easily controlled by a motor. Having more than one awning installed further enhances the flexibility, allowing one family member to be in the shade and another in the sunlight.

Because retractable awnings come in many colors and materials, it is easy to not only match the look of the home, but enhance it. It can give the lanai an entirely new look that is stylish and beautiful. It will not only be nice to spend time on the lanai year round through sun and rain, but also enjoyable because it is beautiful!