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Motorized Retractable Patio Screens

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Motorized Retractable Screens For Your Outdoor Living

Motorized retractable screens offer insect and sun-control solutions for patios, lanais, balconies, gazebos, outside eating areas, docks, doors, windows, and virtually any opening up to 30 feet wide and 24 feet high. Our motorized screens come in five standard frame colors with hundreds of custom colors available. You can also choose between dozens of screen mesh options to be sure your outdoor living area is exactly how you want it. Just use your imagination and New Horizons will bring it to reality.

All of our motorized roll-up screen systems operate using a waterproof remote control, which is easy, convenient, and sure to satisfy your gadget fix! With a simple click of your remote, you can change from an open-air environment to screened-in in a matter of seconds. This way, you can enjoy your Florida lifestyle in insect-free surroundings without compromising fresh air and ventilation.

Why Get a Motorized Screen?

For one thing: they’re easy to use. All you need to do is click the button for them to provide you with perfect shade and sun protection during the day. They’re also convenient. They work to provide you with solar protection so you can sit comfortably even on the hottest days. But they also protect you from insects without blocking your view or preventing airflow. Especially if you’re having a meal outside, you’ll love having these screens. You can have a barbeque outside without worrying about flies and mosquitos ruining your meal.

Stay Connected

Having one of these screens means that you can stay in touch with nature and the fresh air without compromising on your comfort—or your curb appeal. A retractable screen will only require you to touch a button for the discreet screens to lower. These screens stay completely hidden when they’re not in use, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting the overall appearance of your home.

Actually, these screens are likely to add a lot of wow factor to your home too. Most buyers would be impressed with the screens and what they add to your home—if you ever want to sell your home after getting such great screens, that is.

Privacy & Shade

Beyond avoiding insects, you can also add a little privacy and shade to your home with these motorized screens. When you’re enjoying your time outside, whether you’re reading a book or maybe taking a nap, you don’t need to worry about your neighbors looking in. This means that you can enjoy whatever activities you want on your porch without any unwanted attention.


When you take a look at these motorized screens, you’ll notice that you can choose from dozens of shades of color and mesh options. Instead of just the solid black ones you see on a pool enclosure, you can pick out various colors to match with your house and that will work with your aesthetics. Check out the various mesh textures and styles, so that you’re able to pick just the right one to fit your needs.

In addition to the look of the screens, you can also customize what device you choose to control them. While they come with a remote control that will control each retractable screen individually, you can also have a setting to control them all at one time. Wall remotes are also available, as well as controlling them from an app on your phone. And for the ultimate control, you can even program them into the integration system installed in your home.

Save Energy

One of the other benefits of retractable screens is the increased energy efficiency of your home. Any blog or book will tell you the importance of optimizing your energy efficiency for both your bill and the planet. Especially in the warmer summer months when you’re using more air conditioning inside to keep yourself cool, these retractable screens will help block out the sun that normally hits your house. Your indoor temperatures during the day will stay much more constant. You will be surprised by how much you will save over the years when using these motorized screens and shades.


Retractable screens are made to retract, which means that when they’re not in use, the screen is completely tucked away and safe from any tearing or damage. This feature helps with the durability of the screens while a waterproof remote control will make sure your screen will keep working, even if you left the remote out in the rain.

Retractable Screens on Existing Homes, Outdoor Kitchens, Cabanas, Lanais and More!

Retractable Screens on Existing Homes, Outdoor Kitchens, Cabanas, Lanais and More
Retractable Screens on Existing Homes, Cabanas, Outdoor Kitchens
Retractable Screens on Outdoor Kitchens
Retractable Screens on Existing Homes

Recessed Retractable Screens added During Construction for that extra WOW!

Recessed Retractable Screens added During Construction
Recessed Retractable Screens added During Construction for that extra WOW!
Recessed Retractable Screens added During Construction
Recessed Retractable Screens

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