Sunesta® Door and Window Awnings Posted by Chuck LaPeters August 13th, 2013

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Sunesta® Door and Window Awnings

If you’re looking to keep the harmful sun and/or rain away from your doors and windows, Sunesta offers retractable door and window awnings that will suit your needs. These can stay fixed in place to offer you year-round relief from the elements. They can also be easily retracted out of the way. Sometimes you want the sun’s rays to come in. Other times, you may want to retract your door and window awnings when a severe storm is approaching (ask about the Sunesta Storm Strap kit). Either way, YOU are in control of your awnings.

The window awnings on our west-facing windows do an amazing job of keeping the sun’s heat out. Our home is so much cooler. I can’t wait to see our electric bill now.

— Orlando