Outdoor Kitchen Screens, Orlando, FL

Call us for outdoor kitchen screens so you can enjoy pest-free outdoor dining in Orlando.

Outdoor Kitchen Screens in Orlando, FloridaOne of the most favored types of outdoor living spaces in Orlando, Florida is an outdoor kitchen, but if you have one, you know that preparing a meal without ending up with that “little extra protein” in your meal is a lesson in futility. If the flying pests are not eating you alive, they are dive bombing your potato salad or being little kamikaze pilots into your fruit punch. At New Horizons, we feel your pain, and we have set out to protect the potato salads and punches of Orlando with outdoor kitchen screens. It’s a hard job, but one we are well suited for and passionate about undertaking.

With our motorized outdoor kitchen screens, you can put them in place before you fire up the grill and start bringing out the food, and you won’t have to share it (or your blood supply) with mosquitos. When the meal is over and you’re ready to jump in the pool to cool off, just retract the outdoor kitchen screens, and you’re back to open spaces again. Outdoor kitchen screens make it a snap to entertain without everyone having to smell bug repellent or those horrid candles. When you consider the potentially harmful ingredients in those things, you’ll be extra glad you went with outdoor kitchen screens.

We know you probably have plenty of questions about how outdoor kitchen screens work and how much it will cost. A quick call to set up an appointment, and we’ll meet with you to answer your questions and provide you with a no-obligation free estimate. Our installers are all factory-trained to provide you with a quality installation of outdoor kitchen screens that will make your entertaining so much better.