Electric Patio Screens, Orlando, FL

With one of our electric patio screens in Orlando, FL, you can keep bugs from invading your outdoor living space.

Electric Patio Screens, Orlando, FLThe Orlando, Florida area is known for its sun and its insects. Although you love the sun, you may not love the insects as much. If you ‘re tired of mosquitos and others types of insects getting in the way of enjoying your outdoor living space, let us at New Horizons introduce you to our selection of electric patio screens.

With one of our electric patio screens, not only can you keep insects away, but you can also decrease the amount of direct sun exposure that your outdoor living space gets. This way, you can enjoy the warm afternoon breeze without getting too hot due to the sun shining right on your patio.

One of the main advantages of our electric patio screens is that you can operate them using a remote control. For example, if you want to turn your patio into an open-air area, all you have to do is push a button, and within a matter of seconds, the screen will retract all the way. If you want to enclose the area, it takes just a few seconds to make the screen come down.

The electric patio screens that we carry are all produced by Invisi Screen. We distribute this brand because we are confident in the quality of its products and the many benefits associated with its patio screens. To find out more about why you should consider equipping your outdoor living space with an electric patio screen, reach out to us at New Horizons today.