There are plenty of reasons to want to get fresh air into your home, but it is just as important to let in only the air and not all the pests that are better left outdoors. One reason is simply to enjoy the feel of fresh air as it flows through the rooms of your home. Another reason is to cycle the air to remove the stale air, making it healthier for your family. Yet another reason is to save on utility costs, as it can often cool the home when the outdoor temperature is more comfortable than the indoor temperature. It can be very helpful to open things up during cool evenings rather than have the air conditioning run all the time. Having doorways and windows open can also open up the feel of your home to be more like being outdoors.

Top Ways to Open Your Home to the Outdoors Using a Retractable Screen Door

Top Ways to Open Your Home to the Outdoors Using a Retractable Screen DoorRegardless of what reason you have for wanting to open your home to the outdoors, the benefits may not be worth it if you end up with a house full of flies, mosquitoes or other insects. Even smaller animals could find their way in through an open window or door. One of the easiest ways to accomplish letting in just what you want of the outdoors is to use a retractable screen door. If you put one on both the front and back doors of your home, you can accomplish a really nice air flow that can make the home quite pleasant yet remain free of unwanted critters.

Using a retractable screen door on a lanai door can provide extra pest control even if that door opens to a screened pool cage. Basically any door in your home can be outfitted with a retractable screen door, leaving your options open when you want to bring the best part of the outdoors into your home.


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