Sunesta shelters in OrlandoSunesta shelters offer a better way for you to entertain your guests outdoors.  Whether you are hosting a private family party or a large neighborhood gathering, you can be sure your backyard oasis will be the talk of the town.  Let us help you design the perfect shelter for your home’s needs.

With Sunesta shelters, you and your guests can be protected from the sometimes unwanted aspects of being outdoors.  Bugs, wind, rain or just the blaring heat of summer can make your gathering less enjoyable.  We want to provide you with the solution.  You, your guests, and your outdoor furniture can all be better protected from the Florida climate with Sunesta shelters.

Different Sunesta shelters can provide you with an assortment of benefits.  They can be completely clear, preserving your view of the outdoors while keeping you constantly protected.  You may choose a screen option to allow air to pass through freely, dramatically reducing your heating and cooling costs.  We can also provide Sunesta shelters with shading and privacy options.  These are ideal for evening get-togethers or by the poolside.

Do you enjoy grilling for your guests, relaxing by the pool, or cuddling up near your outdoor fire pit?  Tell us some of your favorite outdoor living features that make your backyard the best place to be!