Sunesta Awnings: So Many ChoicesSunesta awnings are a leading choice when to it comes to home improvement projects that add functionality, aesthetics and value. The sheer amount of design and color choices are, dare we say it – AWNbelievable! Not forgetting, the ultimate in UV protection while you enjoy your outdoor living spaces.

Now you can enjoy and use your patio or deck more than ever with a beautiful awning that shields you from the bright, hot sun and its dangerous UV rays. Just imagine being able to entertain, barbecue, or simply sit outdoors and relax whenever you want. Yes, an awning will add a completely new dimension to your outdoor living experiences. To retract or extend an awning, simply turn a handle. Better still, add a motor for maximum ease of operation.

And then there’s curb appeal and aesthetics. Sunesta awnings will give a whole new look to your deck, patio, balcony, terrace, dock side, pool side – in fact, your entire property. Choose from hundreds of fashionable fabrics to give your home its own distinctive character.

Worried about an awning blocking your view? Well, don’t be. Sunesta awnings only block the sun. Your full, uninterrupted view is preserved – thanks to innovative installation and design that completely eliminate the need for unsightly poles and confining braces.

If you live in the Orlando Metro area or in Central Florida, contact us at New Horizons for a free estimate. Order your Sunesta awnings or other shaded roof systems today, and have control over your outdoor living spaces while adding beauty, comfort and shade to your home.