Homeowners invest in screen doors for various reasons. In the past, however, many people were reluctant to buy them because they envisaged loud, banging entrances and exits made of flimsy materials. These doors have evolved dramatically over the years, and the latest offerings are state-of-the-art. Here’s an example:

Screen Doors Don’t Just Offer Protection – They Also Add Style

So, what can you expect from screen doors?

Screen Doors Offer Protection and Style

  • Functionality: No matter what climate you live in, window or door screens will always serve a purpose.
  • Pests: The most important job for these doors is to allow fresh air in, while keeping out mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • Additional Security: Depending on the type, screen doors are available with additional security features and locks, creating another protective barrier between the outside world and your home.
  • Extra Lighting: Screen doors let in natural light, making your home feel more spacious and less gloomy.
  • Ventilation: By creating a natural flow of air, screen doors provide cooling breezes in spring and summer, and you are even likely to see a reduction in your utility bills.
  • Style: Beyond being functional and protective, screen doors enhance curb appeal. Since one of the first things people see is your entryway, these doors can increase the value of your home.

Buying Tip: Make sure that the construction is solid and that the screen doors open and close smoothly and quietly. Also, they should have some substance to them. Although you want them to be lightweight and subtle, even almost invisible, you will want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Therefore, buy from a company that specializes in shaded roof systems and awnings etc., such as New Horizons, serving Orlando, Florida and surrounding areas.