Did you know there are so many bugs in Florida that it is impossible to catalog them all, and that there are about 500 species that are only found in Florida? The hot, humid weather in our state is a haven for insects of all kinds — in fact, there are roughly 80 species of mosquitoes alone! It is because of this that most homeowners have affixed permanent screens on their lanais and have fixed window screens elsewhere. This is fine and good when the wet season dictates having screens in place at all times, but what about those nice, cool months when the insect population is diminished? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look outside and see those views unobstructed by a screen?

Enjoying Fresh Air in the Home with an Electric Screen

adding beauty to your home with motorized screenThe answer to this dilemma is to use an electric screen. This way, the screen can be retracted when not needed to get it out of the way entirely. There are other benefits besides opening up the view, too. If you’ve ever found yourself slicing your screening when operating yard equipment, you know it would be nice to be able to retract the screen before starting this chore.

Another benefit is being able to move about without screening in the way. You could extend the area of your lanai in this way, either for family use or entertaining.  One more advantage is that screen material is affected by weather and weakened with time. Using an electric screen enables the material to be out in the weather only when it is needed instead of all the time.