It is not uncommon for people to relocate to Florida because they expect to be able to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Then they realize that sometimes it is really hot, and other times it rains – suddenly that deck or lanai is not the year-round oasis they thought it would be. If this has been your experience and you are wondering what to do about it, here is a great solution for the problem: an electric awning.

Enjoy Your Deck or Lanai All Year with an Electric Awning

retractable awning for your lanaiBecause electric awnings are custom-made, there are many options, allowing the homeowner to accomplish exactly what they want. They can be added to structures already in place or can operate as a stand-alone.  Different areas can be given separate awnings, so one area can be covered while another is not. The fabrics can be chosen to add a decorative touch to the lanai or deck. Any size area can be accommodated, even if multiple units are necessary. The only real limitation is the imagination of the homeowner, and that can be overcome by meeting with a professional electric awning company that will be glad to offer their advice.

So if you find yourself only using your lanai or deck for a few months of the year, it may be time to consider the addition of an electric awning. Your deck or lanai really can become the year-round retreat you had hoped it would be.