Sunesta retractable window awningWould you like a more convenient way to provide shading and energy efficiency to your home?  A Sunesta retractable window awning may be the perfect choice.  As with our other retractable products, window awnings can be customized to fit your family’s needs.  They are stylish and convenient, providing just the right amount of shade and protection to your home.  Let us help you find the perfect shading solutions for your property!

Large windows, though striking, heat rooms quickly when they are in direct sunlight.  Not anymore . . . With a Sunesta retractable window awning, you will be able to enjoy your impressive Florida view without superheating your home or running up that electric bill.  Our window awning systems are a great way for your home to become more energy-efficient.

Additional benefits of choosing a Sunesta retractable window awning include:

  • Customizable – Sunesta window awnings are available in a variety of size and color options.  The fabric is available in over 190 colors and styles.  The frames are also available in multiple colors.  No matter your home’s design, we can help you choose an attractive fit.
  • Built to Last – Sunesta retractable window awnings are sturdy.  They are constructed to withstand what our Florida weather has in store for them.  For additional assurance, our window awnings come with a 5-year frame and 5-year fabric warranty.  If applicable, you will also receive a 5-year motor warranty.  You can be sure your Sunesta awning is built to last!
  • Tested – Sunesta window awnings have been facility TUV tested and approved.
  • Wirelessly Controlled – You may choose a wirelessly controlled option for your home.  This is the convenient alternative to having to retract each window awning by hand.  Though they are built to withstand the weather, it is a good idea to retract your awning in especially bad weather.  With the wirelessly controlled option, you can control your awnings with just the touch of a button.

For more information about Sunesta retractable window awnings, contact us at New Horizons.