Sunesta Retractable AwningsIf you have lived in Florida for any length of time, you know there are two things that are difficult to avoid – the hot sun and seasonal rain. Both can make your lanai area completely unlivable, especially during the summer months. That is such a shame when you consider that, in Florida, we are supposed to be able to enjoy the outdoors all year long, since we don’t have to deal with snow like much of the rest of the country. The answer to this problem, and thus a huge change to a family’s outdoor enjoyment, is to have a Sunesta retractable awning installed.

Beating the Florida Heat and Rain with Sunesta Retractable Awnings

  • Shade: There are many different styles of Sunesta retractable awnings designed to provide shade. There are different materials to choose from to get just the look each homeowner desires. The amount of sun to be filtered out can be decided by the homeowner, as well.  A shade retractable awning can be used to keep the lanai cooler, which not only makes it enjoyable for the family but also for shade-loving plants.
  • Rain: There are also styles of Sunesta retractable awnings that have water-resistant properties, thus allowing the family to enjoy the lanai even during those afternoon rain showers. It can be very enjoyable and relaxing to sit and watch the rain come down. This can often be the coolest time of the day, making it a perfect time to enjoy the lanai.

Sunesta Retractable AwningsWhile a permanent awning could also accomplish these things, the benefit of Sunesta retractable awnings is that they can be retracted when not needed, allowing the family to enjoy the sun when they want to. It is also beneficial in that they can be retracted when there is a hurricane or tropical storm to protect them from being damaged by high winds and blowing debris. This gives the family total flexibility on the use and enjoyment of their outdoor areas.