As a trailblazer in the manufacturing of customized retractable awnings, it’s no secret that Sunesta roof systems are built to last. Also, they provide you with the opportunity to further enhance the functionality and good looks of your awnings, screens and shelters with some unique accessories.

Heaters & Lights — Create the perfect day or night by adding heat and light, or both, to Sunesta roof systems, or to existing outdoor living spaces. When the sun goes down or the temperature drops, outdoor life doesn’t have to end. From a morning cup of coffee on your patio or deck to a summer dinner under your awning, heating and/or lighting allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

sunesta roof systems day to night

Sunboot This is made from your selection of acrylic fabric from Sunesta’s collection. Designed to cover all Sunesta roof systems when they are retracted for a long period of time, Sunboot extends the life of your awning by protecting it against dirt, inclement weather and animals.

sunboot roof

Shadeside This retractable system provides privacy and shade for outdoor areas, giving you complete convenience and control of extending it out or rolling it up. Shadeside offers a selection of hundreds of fabrics, from decorative solar screen fabrics that allow the flow-through of light and wind, to acrylic fabrics to match your awnings.


At New Horizons, we have a fantastic selection of quality home improvement products and Sunesta roof systems designed to enhance your lifestyle. We invite you to see them on display in our showroom in Oviedo—call today for an appointment! We serve the Metro Orlando area and Central Florida.