Retractable screens are a wonderful alternative to other home protection products.  Basic home screen systems may be considered unattractive and inconvenient.  Other larger protective screens for windows and doorways can’t be hidden; they tend to be large and cumbersome.  At New Horizons, we have several retractable screen options to fit your needs.  There are many benefits in choosing retractable screens for your home.

Retractable screens:

  1. retractable screens in Orlando FLAllow you more access to the outdoors. Retractable screens create a barrier, both to the elements and to insect life.  You can allow natural air into your home while continually protecting your home.
  2. Are more eco-friendly.  In the same way retractable screens allow you access to the outdoors, you are using more natural heating and cooling techniques when you use your screen.  This can dramatically reduce energy usage and costs.
  3. Include options such as solar shading and privacy. Not only does your screen protect your home from insects, but you may choose to include solar shading and privacy features to your retractable screen for even more protection and privacy.
  4. Disappear when not in use.  You will never have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics for your family’s shading needs.
  5. Can be remotely controlled.  You may choose a motorized retractable screen for convenience purposes.  Many of our motorized screens can be integrated into your current home automation system.

If you are interested in a New Horizons retractable screen or awning, give us a call.  We will schedule an appointment for you to view all of the products in our showroom.  Let us help you find the perfect solution to your home shading needs!