Outdoor Kitchen Awning, Orlando, FL

An outdoor kitchen awning can make a big difference in the way you enjoy your outdoor events in Orlando.

Outdoor Kitchen Awning in Orlando, Florida
Do you have a beautiful outdoor kitchen, but you often feel like it’s missing something, or it’s just too hot to use in the afternoon sun? Have you considered an outdoor kitchen awning?

At New Horizons, we work with home and business owners to achieve their goals for a comfortable, enjoyable outdoor kitchen area. We often find that the addition of an outdoor kitchen awning is a great way to balance the ideal outdoor activity with the required comfort level of guests. Whether you operate an outdoor kitchen at your restaurant or you love to entertain family and friends in Orlando, Florida, an outdoor kitchen awning may provide some shade solutions you didn’t know you were missing.

Firstly, an outdoor kitchen awning is an attractive feature that can tell everyone your outdoor kitchen is open for business. Bright colors or subtle hues can enhance everything about the way your outdoor living area looks and feels. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen awning can provide much-needed protection against the sun, especially at its peak. Having a bit of shade to protect your outdoor kitchen area can make a big difference in the way you enjoy your food, friends, and outdoor events.

Our outdoor kitchen awnings come in manual and motorized options, so you can easily use your awning when needed and put it away when not. This offers the ultimate convenience any time you plan to use your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space.


Contact us at New Horizons today to learn more about our outdoor kitchen awnings, screens and shades for your home or business in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to working with you!