Retractable Awnings

Posted by Chuck LaPeters September 20th, 2019

Manual and Motorized Retractable Awnings

New Horizons is the exclusive Central Florida dealer for Sunesta retractable awnings. Sunesta has been manufacturing quality motorized and manual retractable awnings since 1981.

Now you can use and enjoy your deck or patio more than ever when you have a beautiful Sunesta retractable awning protecting you from the hot, bright sun and its harmful ultra-violet rays. Imagine being able to barbecue, entertain, or just plain sit outdoors and relax whenever you want. Sunesta Retractable Awnings totally eliminate the need for ugly confining braces and upright poles.

To extend and retract your Sunesta retractable awning, simply press a button on your remote control. Don’t want it motorized? No problem, your Sunesta retractable awning can be operated easily with a manual hand crank! Sunesta retractable awnings come in four different powder coated frame colors and you can choose from over 150 solution-dyed premium acrylic fabrics.

Sunesta offers three models of industry-best retractable awnings with different options and styles. But don’t worry about which awning product does what whether it would be right for you. Leave that to us. We will come out and discuss your needs and customize the perfect awning solution for your home.


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