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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Motorized Screens for Your Orlando, FL Home

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At New Horizons, we are a trusted screens distributor in Orlando and the rest of Central Florida. Our motorized screens offer sun and insect-control solutions for windows, doors, gazebos, balconies, docks, outside eating areas, lanais, patios, and just about any other opening up to 16 ft. high and 25 ft. wide.

Below are 5 good reasons to invest in motorized screens:

1. Security: Since you can program motorized screens to move up and down throughout the day, your home always has a lived-in appearance, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

2. Convenience: If you have many windows or if the windows are especially large, manually opening and closing screens can be a real hassle. But, by motorizing them and linking them to a control system, you can lower and raise them at the touch of a button, or according to a set schedule.

3. Protect your Furniture: The heat from the sun can damage the upholstery on your furniture, causing it to fade. Motorized screens can prevent this.

4. Save Energy: The heat that travels through your window panes on a hot summer’s day is called solar gain, and it can throw your AC into a tailspin. By having motorized screens on your windows, your air conditioner will run less.

5. Aesthetics: With one fluid movement, all motorized screens can be moved to just the right spot. For example, if you have a bank of windows, every screen moves in perfect alignment, creating an elegant, seamless look.

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