Retractable Screens, Shades, Awnings and Shutters

Having a pool cage around your pool is the common way to enjoy your pool during the height of mosquito season, but many homeowners would love to have an alternative that doesn’t distort their view, and cage them in. It would be nice to have an unobstructed view, and full access to your yard, when pests are not a concern. One great alternative is to have a retractable screen installed.

Besides having clear views when the screens are retracted, with a click of the remote, you can screen in your patio or lanai to defend against those pesky mosquitoes when they come out at dusk.

There are other beneficial reasons to having retractable screens as well. For example, weather conditions can be very hard on screening material. Being able to retract the screen keeps the sun, and damaging winds from shortening its lifespan. Especially during a hurricane, you can have peace of mind knowing your screens won’t get blown away because you retract them before the storm.

Furthermore, the backyard becomes a seamless extension of the lanai when a screen can be retracted, allowing movement back and forth that previously was limited to wherever the screen doors are located. This can make it easy to add on to the lanai with additional decking or stonework, thus increasing the area.

We live in Florida, and at certain times of the year we need screens as a barrier from the relentless insects, however, having this flexibility means you can do what you want other times of the year. Don’t cage yourself in, choose retractable screens!