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Nothing beats awnings for providing shade during our hot summer days in Oviedo, FL. The important thing is choosing the right one, so you can enjoy those benefits not only through the summer months, but for years to come. You may save money up front on bargain and DIY awning options, but when you want quality, durability, customization, numerous features and options, and a great warranty and service, the only real choice is Sunesta awnings.

Why Choose Sunesta Awnings?

Sunesta AwningsSunesta awnings are manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida, and the aluminum used is produced in St. Augustine, Florida. Sunesta seeks out the highest-quality components, from the quality fabric from Austria to the wireless remote control motors from France. Those bargain-priced awnings you see on the market are usually manufactured in China. Because Sunesta awnings are so well constructed, they are able to offer the best warranties in the awning industry.

Sunesta awnings offer far more options than any other awning company. Most other companies offer only a dozen or more fabric pattern choices, while Sunesta offers nearly 200! You’ll have colorfast solid and stripe patterns to choose from. As for the metal frame, most offer just one or two colors, while Sunesta awnings are available in beige, brown, white and clay.

Probably the best reasons to go with Sunesta awnings is that you can get custom sizing, and they are installed by installation experts to make sure you are completely satisfied with the result. New Horizons has been installing Sunesta awnings for over a decade, and we wouldn’t carry this brand if we weren’t convinced of its quality and durability. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to learn more about Sunesta awnings.