Retractable Screens, Shades, Awnings and Shutters

Enjoy Your Patio All Day with a Sunesta Retractable Door AwningBefore you know it, the warmer weather will be approaching, and you’ll be preparing for family gatherings and backyard parties. But when the sun starts beating down, you’ll be looking for cooler temperatures and shelter. Therefore, a Sunesta retractable door awning might be just the solution to shade your outdoor living space.

Did you know that a retractable awning can cool an outdoor area by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit? Well, it’s true. It can also allow your parties to continue if an unexpected rain shower pops up. An awning blocks the sun and its harmful UV rays before they reach your porch or patio, and in doing so, everyone keeps cool and protected from the sun.

A Sunesta retractable door awning is important in protecting you, your family and your home from the damaging effects of the sun. Anyone with sensitive skin can still enjoy the warm weather without suffering painful, harmful sunburn. This means that you have all the protection needed to enjoy your outdoor living space all day long.

Moreover, there are some key benefits for your home, as well. An awning will help protect windows from letting in solar heat gain, thereby making the indoors cooler and reducing your air conditioning bill. With rising costs around almost every corner these days, any savings will benefit your budget.

Each component and feature on a Sunesta retractable door awning is designed with innovation and energy-efficiency in mind. Visit us at New Horizons to learn more about installing a Sunesta retractable door awning on your Orlando, Florida home.